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TRAPSTNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome
TRAPSTemplate Review & Analysis for Performance Specifications
TRAPSTactical Receiver and Related Applications
TRAPSTucson Plein Air Painters Society
TRAPSTactical Remote Access Penetration Study (Network-1)
TRAPSTRACEP Robotic Automatic Processing System
References in classic literature ?
He found another mole trap newly set; he was still upon the track of Tommy Brock.
Well, my lord," said La Ramee, falling into the trap, "what is there to prevent your trying them?
Petya was carried out like a log and laid in the larger of the two traps.
The Binu man traced out the mechanics of the trap, and exposed the hidden fibre in the tangled undergrowth that at contact with Koogoo's foot had released the taut bow.
A young man asked Jerry to bring his trap into the meadow, and he would tie me up in the cowshed; he wished he had a better stable to offer.
This floor was filthy, yet they set Antanas with his mop slopping the "pickle" into a hole that connected with a sink, where it was caught and used over again forever; and if that were not enough, there was a trap in the pipe, where all the scraps of meat and odds and ends of refuse were caught, and every few days it was the old man's task to clean these out, and shovel their contents into one of the trucks with the rest of the meat!
This year they had come to trap live specimens for a European zoological garden, and today they were approaching a trap which they had set in the hope of capturing a specimen of the large baboons that frequented the neighborhood.
Yes, which catches the thief in a trap and plays a tune.
These last were engaged, not merely to kill game for provisions, but also, and indeed chiefly, to trap beaver and other animals of rich furs, valuable in the trade.
The Worm did nothing except fall off his pony, and knock chips out of gate-posts with his trap.
It was reached by a trap door in the middle of the floor, from which a ladder led down into the small, dark hole.
I still remember waiting with bated breath for Raffles to ask Maguire if he were not afraid of burglars, and Maguire replying that he had a trap to catch the cleverest cracksman alive, but flatly refusing to tell us what it was.