TRAQTransportation Air Quality (EPA)
TRAQTransmission Risk Assessment Questionnaire (blood borne virus)
TRAQThe Ralph Allin Quartet (band)
TRAQTreatment Response to Antidepressant Questionnaire
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The researchers analyzed motor skill of study for members of the experimental and control groups in both pre and post measurements, where (20) attempts were analyzed by using a program (MAX TRAQ) Online Manual Version 2.2 for dynamic analysis According to the following dynamic model Figure 3:
Steve Broadnax, the show's co-writer, was inspired after listening to Bordner's personal stories from traq. "He shared with me his war stories and I was moved beyond measure," he recalls.
He began working for Red Cross in 1996 and has completed missions in Kenya, Sudan, Yemen, Traq and two in Afghanistan.
The Sportline TraQ Any-Wear Pedometer accurately calculates calories burned while tracking your steps, stride lengths, speed and distance using the Infinite Motion Sensor.
The MIDAS TRAQ mass spectrometry-based systems provide rapid, multiplex solutions for protein biomarker verification and validation.
They encompass everything from the war on terror, news from China, last year's presidential election, issues in traq and hate crimes in the town of Davis, Calif.
TRAQ, a provider of mobile lifecycle management, has introduced Mobile Source[R], which automates all procurement transactions and associated asset tracking when sourcing wireless devices, accessories and services.
In addition to reducing the TCO of enterprise communications, traq's 6.0 reduces management time and administrative complexity for telecommunications managers.
Using the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit, TRAQ Manager can run on a variety of handheld computers, webpads and wireless devices.
The Traq outdoor air dampers coupled with Tracer Summit and DDC controls on the VAV terminals simplified compliance with ASHRAE ventilation standard 62-1989 and with the more stringent Washington State ventilation code.
Friedman, "Standoff in the Gulf: A Partial Pullout by Traq is Feared as Deadline Ploy," New York Times, 18 December 1990, p.