TRASRas Active Time
TRASTemporary Registration Assessment Scheme (medical examination; Ireland)
TRASTraining Requirements Analysis System
TRASTrans-Himalayan Aid Society (Canada; formerly Tibetan Refugee Aid Society)
TRASThrust Reverser Actuation System (aviation)
TRASTransplant Renal Artery Stenosis (vascular complication)
TRASTrent Regional Arthroplasty Study (UK)
TRASTrouble Reporting and Accounting System
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de ce bec amoureux Qui d'une oreille e l'autre va, Tra le le.
I hear his key." She began to sing in her high, fresh voice a little snatch from a French song, with a swinging tra la-la chorus.
Well, tra la, and if you tackle Latin, Martin, I won't have any respect for you."
1993), we analyze data on two groups of TRA recipients: a sample of those who participated in the program just before the enactment in 1988 of amendments that mandated training, and a sample of those who participated immediately afterward.
6038B(a)(1)(B), added by the TRA '97, provides that U.S.