TRASTraining Requirements Analysis System
TRASTrans-Himalayan Aid Society (Canada; formerly Tibetan Refugee Aid Society)
TRASThrust Reverser Actuation System (aviation)
TRASTransplant Renal Artery Stenosis (vascular complication)
TRASTrent Regional Arthroplasty Study (UK)
TRASTrouble Reporting and Accounting System
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Using Wade Financial Group's research capabilities and economic modeling, Wade's financial experts create TRAs that allow stocks to range from as low as 30 percent of the total investment mix or all the way up to 70 percent of the account.
TRAs may also contain hedge-type investments, like short equity funds, merger/arbitrage funds and short bond funds.
For more information about Wade Financial Group or Wade TRAs, call 763/797-9577 or go to the firm's Web site at www.
ha dejado en blanco a cuatro oponentes en las eliminatorias tras
intentando obtener su segundo titulo tras su triunfo en la final
Prior to the TRA '97, an alternate reporting scheme applied.
While ratings will continue to be important in valuing audience size, the real value is in knowing what networks, dayparts and programs your actual buyers are watching," said Mark Lieberman, Chairman and CEO of TRA.
Jack Myers, TRA Advisory Board member, media economist and chairman of Media Advisory Group said, "The ad industry sees great opportunity in what TRA offers.
The TRA '97 also provided that gain attributable to allowable post-May 6, 1997 depreciation of the residence must be recognized on a sale or exchange.
Generally under TRA '97 Section 312(a), amending Sec.
This article explores the TRA '97 provisions, explains the rules for certain transition taxpayers under the new law, and provides planning suggestions for maximizing the tax benefits associated with the sale of a principal residence.
As mentioned previously, the TRA '97 creates a category of transition taxpayers who can choose between applying pre-TRA '97 Sec.