TRASRas Active Time
TRASTemporary Registration Assessment Scheme (medical examination; Ireland)
TRASTraining Requirements Analysis System
TRASTrans-Himalayan Aid Society (Canada; formerly Tibetan Refugee Aid Society)
TRASThrust Reverser Actuation System (aviation)
TRASTransplant Renal Artery Stenosis (vascular complication)
TRASTrent Regional Arthroplasty Study (UK)
TRASTrouble Reporting and Accounting System
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She began to sing in her high, fresh voice a little snatch from a French song, with a swinging tra la-la chorus.
Well, tra la, and if you tackle Latin, Martin, I won't have any respect for you.
de ce bec amoureux Qui d'une oreille e l'autre va, Tra le le.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has received several inquiries and complaints regarding the new mobile packages, and in response to this, TRA asserts that any changes recently made in retail services in the mobile market are based on decisions made by mobile providers due to the competition among them and in interaction with the market dynamics and changes in user requirements.
TRAs Human Resources team had prepared a presentation for the benefit of the Ministry, elaborating the most prominent accomplishments undertaken by the TRA.
TRAS: Since the 747-8 TRAS utilizes much of the same technology that Smiths provides on the Boeing 777, the system benefits from the improved reliability of mature products.
SAMENA Council shall remain closely attentive to the TRAs strategic needs and priorities, to further help bring private-sector perspectives to the regulatory sight, and shall continue to serve TRA Bahrain as a reliable sector development partner.
The CF34-8 TRAS, also produced by Smiths for the Embraer ERJ170 aircraft has already successfully passed both part 33 and part 25 requirements and is thus certified per the FAA requirements.
The workshop, named Self-Awareness, was made for TRA Staff members to raise awareness of themselves and identify their behavior preferences through creating a personal DiSC Profile, understand the behavior of others and apply self-awareness to develop their skills.
As compared to hedge funds, TRAs provide the potential for absolute return benefits, better liquidity, lower fees and greater diversification for investors.
The one and one-half day event, which is patterned after TRAs well-attended Winter Carrier Forum on interexchange services, is the first-ever event to feature presentations by providers of wholesale services over non-interexchange networks.