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TRASHTesting Recall About Strange Happenings
TRASHThree Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
TRASHTransport Layer Seamless Handover
TRASHTubes Rarities and Smash Hits (music album)
TRASHTeens Rejecting Abusive Smoking Habits (Maryland)
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Dat truck dah is TRASH; en trash is what people is dat puts dirt on de head er dey fren's en makes 'em ashamed.
For those who have basked in the glow of the Croisette, eat your hearts out, for surely none of those lofty sojourns to Cannes could have compared to the spring of 1997 when I attended the Freakzone International Festival of Trash Cinema in France, where my latest production, Bubbles Galore, had been selected to compete amidst a veritable cornucopia of subversive cinema.
When he received his first account, he didn't have a truck to manage the route, so he worked for a small trash company during the day (for no pay) in exchange for the use of the company's truck at night.
and USA Waste started collecting trash in New York, and before the Mafia controlled cartel was indicted and convicted," said James Fitzgerald, president of Envirotron, U.
We chose this equipment to answer consumer complaints about twist-tie trash bags that fail at the seals.
had a much harder time keeping their trash in check.
Local governments frequently undermine the incentive to avoid excessive packaging by subsidizing waste collection through taxes and failing to charge households according to how much trash they generate.
Some trash was piled more than two stories high," she recalls.
The cost to the town for trash removal in 1991 (when the Proposition 21/2 override that created curbside pick-up was passed) was $200,000.
When Ray and Barbara founded the company four decades ago, Ray was employed as a Factory worker in the Indianapolis area and worked part-time at the newly formed family business, which focused on trash hauling.