TRAVTechnische Regeln für Die Verwendung Von Absturzsichernden Verglasungen (Geman: Technical Rules for the Use of Safety Barrier Glazing)
TRAVTherapeutic Riding Association of Virginia (Virginia Beach, VA)
TRAVTerminal Regulated Air Volume (The Hartman Company; Georgetown, TX)
TRAVT Cell Receptor Alpha Variable (gene)
TRAVTraining Availability
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His mention of "Kris" appears to refer to West's mother-in-law Kris Jenner, while "Trav" would refer to Travis Scott, a rapper who has collaborated with both West and Drake and is in a relationship with Jenner's daughter Kylie.
A representative of a human right group, Suos Narin, said Trav Kod resort is built on state-protected land which has no certificate.
Ryan New added: "RIP Trav. No-one deserves to be taken this early."
and 1 a.m., TRAV) Season 7 begins with Steve and Amy traveling to Montego Bay, Jamaica, for their first international investigation to explore a deadly legend and frightening claims of paranormal activity at a tropical resort.
Since the show's inception, Jim and Trav have interviewed over 1,400 celebrities, recorded over 1,200 product reviews and 700 vehicle reviews, and shared information on hundreds of outdoor trail destinations featuring some of the finest hunting and fishing spots in North America.
"You re not alone Trav. Please." Sandy Baumgartner wrote, promising to support him no matter what.
The campaign launches a new tag line, 'Land on Top of Things', and introduces a new spokesperson, Trav Lehrman.
In Middleton's first year trav elling the yard's horses, Wragg won the 1961 Derby with Psidium, and history repeated itself 22 yea rs later when, only months after taking up the position as head groom, Geoff Wragg saddled Teenoso to win.
Since 2006, baggage has been handled and routed via a Siemens trav conveyor system at Malpensa International Airport and more than 13,0OO items of baggage can be handled per hour.
Jun 27 TRAV REPLICA BP T-SHIRTS * First 2,000 Adults courtesy of Pulaski Technical College and KATV * Kids Run Bases After The Game
From 1881 to 1932 vaudeville was the center of American show business, and modern-day vaudevillian Trav S.D.
Address for correspondence: Neus Cardenosa Marin, Servei de Vigilancia Epidemiologica, Departament de Salut, Trav de les Corts 131-159, Pavello Ave Maria, 08028 Barcelona, Spain; email: