TRAWINGTraining Air Wing
TRAWINGTraining Wing
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Five or more hazrep submissions: VAW-116 VAW-117 VAW-125 HSL-43 VFA-143 VFA-147 VP-4 VP-30 VP-45 VPU-2 VT-2 VT-7 VT-9 VT-21 VT-86 TRAWING 2 Naval Station Rota, Spain Patrol and Recon Wing 10 TRAWING 2 NAS Patuxent River, MD Four hazrep submissions VAW-123 VRC-40 HS-5 HSM-71 HSC-2 VFA-125 VP-8 VP-16 VAW-123 VT-35
Bravo Zulu Commands that submitted five or more hazreps during 1st quarter, FY09: HS-6 VAW-120 VAW-123 VFA-32 VMM-266 VP-47 VT-10 VT-27 AVT-31 VT-35 TRAWING 2 MCAS Cherry NBVC Point USNS Rota Point Mugu Spain VP-8 VP-45 FSVT-86 TRAWING 1 Commands that submitted four hazreps: VAQ-129 VAQ-139 HSL-51 VFA-106 VP-30 VT-4 NAVSTKWARCEN Fallon