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TRBLThe Royal British Legion
TRBLTobacco Road Basketball League
TRBLTop, Right, Bottom, Left (web design)
TRBLTransformational Rule-Based Learning
TRBLTransitional Reasonable Benefit Limit (Australia)
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"But rarely a month goes by without myself, my wife Chris, or Allan Hodgson our padre" -- the three designated TRBL Welfare Case Workers for the Paphos District -- "assisting with anything ranging from the purchase of medical equipment to funeral expenses, travel necessities, home and hospital visits, or quality of life care.
The word TRBL, shrunk to the edge of comprehensibility, conveys a cramped emotionality, a stuttering, an undirected energy that is yearning to get out--a cry that couches itself in language but seems poised at any moment to break free.
where RlA is the traffic analysis module on the basis of rules; AnA is the analysis module with the help of anomaly display module; StA is the signature analysis module; TrBl is the traffic blocking module.