TRCVToll Road Corporation of Virginia
TRCVTotal Red Blood Cell Volume (hematology)
TRCVThai Red Cross Vaccine
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En el caso de emplearse el tamano relativo variable (TRCV) la ecuacion a estimar es la ecuacion 6, y en el caso de emplearse una medida de tamano relativo fijo (TRCF) es la ecuacion 7.
[ha.sup.-1]) sup.-1]) Testigo 100 -- 41702 -- Vinaza 150[m.sup.3] x 100 5250 41702 0 [ha.sup.-1] Vinaza 250[m.sup.3] x 100 8750 41702 0 [ha.sup.-1] NPK: 160-80-80 133 2987 55463,6 33 Composta 15t x [ha.sup.-1] 111 4160 46289,2 11 Fuente de Incremento TRCV fertilizacion ingreso ($Mex/[ha.sup.-1]) ($Mex/[ha.sup.-1]) Testigo -- -- Vinaza 150[m.sup.3] x 0 0 [ha.sup.-1] Vinaza 250[m.sup.3] x 0 0 [ha.sup.-1] NPK: 160-80-80 13761,6 4,61 Composta 15t x [ha.sup.-1] 4587,2 1,1 CV: capital variable, TRCV: tasa de retorno de capital variable.
Sporting a shirt split open to the waist to reveal an immense rug of chest hair, he makes his entrance on a timber-framed motorcycle and immediately trcvs to charm his way into the beds of the wives of Windsor.