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A small number of CPVT cases have been associated with variants in the calsequestrin 2 (CASQ2; autosomal recessive), triadin (TRDN), calmodulin 1 (CALM1), and potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily J member 2 (KCNJ2) genes.
433 hypermethylated genes were discovered such as Gpr4, Dgcr8, Zeb2, Dixdc1, Sox2, Shh, Lrfn3, Det1, Shox2, Abracl, Trdn, Irx2, Pabpc6, Sbk1, and Peg3.134 hypomethylated genes which included Gpr126, Birc2, Sepw1, Irgq, Atp5sl, Hipk4, Ttc9b, Tulp2, Bex1, Mex3b, Ctsc, Gucy2d, Rrm1, Fam160a2, and Cdkn1c were revealed.