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The TRDP BoD Director stressed experts to adopt the multidimensional approach to deal with matters.
Saleh Mangrio District Project Officer TRDP Dadu, Program For Improved Nutrition in Sindh PINS ER-3, said Sindh province was experiencing disaster after disaster in the shape of floods, cyclones, drought and increasing threat of malnutrition among newborn babies.
TRDP model has a great impact in future for other parts of Sindh province as well.
Mahesar, also distribute cheques to women to purchase the goats under the TRDP PINS project.
Speaking at an Orientation Session organized jointly by KCCI, TRDP, Food Fortification Program and UK Aid, CEO TRDP said that there was absolutely no harm in fortifying flour, oil and ghee with Vitamin A, Vitamin D and other minerals which are essential for a healthy human body therefore, the importance of fortification must be promoted amongst people from all walks of life with a view to ensure a healthy society.
Sharing the impact of vitamin A deficiency that leads to night blindness particularly among the poor urban and rural population, TRDP CEO Dr Allah Nawaz Samoo said food fortification was immediately needed.
By comparing the results given in [9], with the proposed method of projecting the PI, it can be clearly deduced that the proposed way yields the most optimal results in terms of the set-point of the IAE, more optimal IAE for load disturbance from the methods TRDP, SIMC1, AMIGO and MaShe.
One benefit of the dual transformation is that we can directly formulate the TRDP in the same way as the classical network design problem (NDP).
TRDP has also experimented with solar disinfection, in which water is placed in glass containers under direct sunlight to kill bacteria and reduce water-borne sicknesses.
The TRDP, authorized by Congress as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1997, offers affordable dental benefits as a voluntary option to the nation's 5 million-plus uniformed services retirees and their family members.
TRDP's work has reportedly reached 70,365 people and they have rebuilt over 100 schools to date.
The National Rural Support Programme and three other Sindh-based NGOs, Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP), Badin Rural Development Society (BDRS) and Sindh Agriculture and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organisation (SAFWCO), also assisted in the workshop.