TRDSTail Rotor Drive Shaft (helicopters)
TRDSTransmission Rate Design Study (US Department of Energy)
TRDSTecha River Dosimetry System (radiation dose reconstruction)
TRDSText Retrieval Data System
TRDSTape Reel Die Sort
TRDSTrack and Relational Data Synchronization
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. Tongue repositioning or retaining devices (TRD), can be used by edentulous patients, e.g., SnorEx.12
The TRDs only accept convertible Cuban pesos (CUC), the only hard currency permitted in the country, which the state exchange bureaus will change for 25 Cuban pesos or $1.25.
It is being billed as the Thunder Ranch Defense revolver or TRD.
The state established "dollar stores" referred to as TRDs (Tiendas de Recuperacion de Divisas).
The Commonwealth Government, in its advice to OTDs who are considering working in Australia, states that: 'Currently there is no formal assessment of the level of theoretical and clinical skills expected of TRDs [Temporary Resident Doctors]'.
These stores are called tiendas de recaudacion de divisa (TRDs), loosely translated as foreign exchange capturing stores.
The left-side pod contains ESM antennas front and rear; on the right, since the left rear ESM antenna has a wide field of regard, the rear antenna is replaced by a bay for two TRDs. With two large antennas looking forward and one aft, the ESM sensors have a 3600 field of view.
Most smallmouth zealots have tried Z-Man Ned Rigs, composed of Finesse ShroomZ Jigheads and Finesse TRDs. They're designed for light line--like 4to 8-pound Berkley FireLine or 5-pound Seaguar InvisX fluorocarbon.
However, as part of the process for removing the CUC, the TRDs have already started selling their products in both CUCs and CUPs and maintain the official exchange rate between the two currencies.
3 on most of the products sold in Cuba's dollar stores, known as Tiendas de Recaudacion de Divisa (TRDs).