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TREADSTactical Reconnaissance Exploitation Demonstration
TREADSTraining Resources for Early Availability and Deployment Study
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Small chunks OK if they cover less than 20% of tread
Tractor-related magazines of the day -- Farm Implements, Farm Implement & Tractor, Literary Digest, Gas Power -- all showed pictures at one time or another of allied tanks crawling across enemy lines, the treads of this brand-new type of fighting machine prominently
This design features a full stair tread with an integrated stair riser for simplified installation and easy maintenance.
Gentle slopes like ours require short risers and long treads, while steep slopes require taller risers (up to a maximum of 8 in.
You'll need a 2x8 or larger for each stringer and a 2x10 or 2x12 for treads. After determining the total rise and the total run, set your framing square to mark the tread line only.
Stairways always looks best if the risers and treads extend beyond the sides of the stair carriage.
If you can't get at your stairs from below, you'll have to screw treads and risers to stringers from above (Photo 4).
Cured in circular molds, the rings are concave in profile, following the curvature of the tire casing, and therefore are said to assure perfect, tension-free adhesion, unlike traditional fiat treads. Because of this, they are said to offer significant advantages in achieving perfect balancing of the tire.
The cut and chip tester, developed by BFGoodrich, provides relative information about the service life of off-the-road, farm and heavy duty treads that are subjected to the rigors of traveling on surfaces containing sharp objects, rocks or other damaging materials.
patent: 6,242,550 Issued: June 5, 2001 Inventors: Mark Kralevich, Jr., Edward Blok, Lawson Wideman, Paul Sandstrom and Joseph Ruscak Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Keywords: Improving traction of rubber in tire treads
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