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(2) The required information for nonmoney contributions (Treas. Reg.
To request relief under the revenue procedure, the taxpayer must attach the statement required by Treas. Reg.
417(e)(3), prior to amendment by PPA 2006; Treas. Reg.
We believe the diversity and professional experience of our members enables TEI to bring a balanced and practical perspective to the issues raised by Treas. Reg.
In general, for the first taxable year ending after May 10, 1992, taxpayers that are not in compliance with the activity grouping rules of Treas. Reg.
IRC [section] 7216 provides a criminal penalty (along with the civil penalty of section 6713) for any tax return preparer who "knowingly or recklessly" discloses or uses tax return information, with those terms and others defined by the 2008 final regulations (TD 9375, amending Treas. Reg.
Rules pertaining to separate accounts or segregated shares under a single plan, to employees participating in more than one plan, and other special rules affecting the application of the minimum distribution requirements, are set forth at Treas. Reg.
To further confuse matters, some of the timing provisions explicitly delay withholding and information reporting (see Treas. Reg.
(85) The request must contain the appropriate information and statements outlined in Treas. Reg.
In a recent chief counsel advice, the IRS held that certain allowances resellers receive from vendors for defective merchandise should be treated as reducing the cost of inventory under Treas. Reg.
(9) The elective deferral limit of $16,500 in 2010 is increased by (1) the special catch-up limit (under IRC Section 402(g)(7)--see above), and is further increased by the catch-up limit under Treas. Reg.