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TREBICTriad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (North Carolina)
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The contracting authority is the municipality of Trebic in the Vysocina region.
Durbachites of the Strazek Moldanubicum, with their modal and chemical composition, are close to rocks of the Trebic Massif.
The parent company, Tedom s.r.o., was founded in 1991 in Trebic primarily as a manufacturer of gas engine-powered cogeneration systems.
That he married a woman from Trebic, and that the marriage for some reason had gone bad.
The field session concentrated on local structural elements, the Trebic fault and the Klucov horst, and their multiple morphotectonic manifestations.
Two nurses have since been sacked and the couples are suing the clinic in Trebic for pounds 250,000 compensation.
What was the atmosphere like during the recording sessions in Trebic, and why did you record the CD there in particular?
1; Schenkova et al., 2007, 2009; Kujal et al., 2009); and the TREB station was established in Trebic for the same reason in 2008 (Table 1, Fig.
The mistake, at a hospital at Trebic in the Czech Republic, was discovered 10 months later after DNA tests.
The children were born 18 minutes apart on the maternity ward of a hospital in the Czech town of Trebic.
The first two areas are located at the edge of the Moldanubicum, in places with potential higher geodynamic activity; the third one is situated in the Moldanubian and Trebic Pluton.