TREDSTraffic Records Electronic Data System
TREDSTraining Exercise Development System
TREDSTRADOC Educational Data System
TREDSTechnical Research, Engineering, and Development Services (US DOE)
TREDSTactical Reconnaissance Exploitation Demonstration System (USAF)
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Typically, this is a fool proof way to bring on a new LOYAL TREDS customer
TREDS is paving the way for Virginia's effort to develop and implement effective safety programs.
Sooo TREDS boots and a few main chemicals (NaOH sodium hydroxide solution at 50% concentration by weight,FeCl3- iron (III) chloride solution at 45% concentration by weight, NaOCl sodium hypochlorite solution at 14.
We were really happy to see TREDS material stand up to the nasty chemicals, and are now even more confident they are a great fit for this type of environment