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The children often came with a whole pitcher full of berries, or a long row of them threaded on a straw, and sat down near the young tree and said, "Oh, how pretty he is!
As Adam lay a-dreaming beneath the Apple Tree, The Angel of the Waters offered all the Seas in fee.
The few seconds of grace that this gave me found me safely lodged in the branches of a tree a few paces from that in which Perry had at last found a haven.
And the Scarecrow found a tree full of nuts and filled Dorothy's basket with them, so that she would not be hungry for a long time.
He settled himself still more comfortably under the shade of the fallen tree and Helen's figure.
"There is away," answered the Tree; "but it is so terrible that I dare not tell it to you."
Upon my signifying my desire that he should pluck me the young fruit of some particular tree, the handsome savage, throwing himself into a sudden attitude of surprise, feigns astonishment at the apparent absurdity of the request.
'Readily,' answered the little man; 'take you the trunk on your shoulders, and I will raise up the branches and twigs; after all, they are the heaviest.' The giant took the trunk on his shoulder, but the tailor seated himself on a branch, and the giant, who could not look round, had to carry away the whole tree, and the little tailor into the bargain: he behind, was quite merry and happy, and whistled the song: 'Three tailors rode forth from the gate,' as if carrying the tree were child's play.
He stood silent at the foot of the tree looking across the chamber at his enemy.
We took refuge in a tree that stood apart from other trees, and high up in a fork we passed the night.
I never put my axe into a stunty tree, or one that hasn’t a good, fresh-looking bark: for trees have disorders, like creatur’s; and where’s the policy of taking a tree that’s sickly, any more than you’d choose a foundered horse to ride post, or an over heated ox to do your logging?”
The leaves of this tree were all paper napkins, and it presented a very pleasing appearance to the hungry little girl.