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Trell's voice, however, shines through as the feisty female protagonist fighting for her family.
This is a believable and heartfelt family story, centered around Trell's desire to see her father come home.
The multi-sensory nature of mobile methods is also captured in a social geography study in Cedar, Vancouver Island (Trell & Van Hoven, 2010) which, again, employed a variety of media.
Trell EM and Van Hoven B (2010) Making sense of place: exploring creative and (inter)active research methods with young people.
Fikre wrote to Trell: "Does that mean you get to meet the freak?", to which Trell responded: "Apparently.
Clocking 6.60 he edged out the USA's Trell Kimmons by the width of his GB vest and pledged to wear it again this summer regardless of whether the Court of Arbitration for Sport opens the door to London 2012 next week when ruling on the BOA's bylaw that gives lifetime Olympic bans to convicted drugs cheats.
American Justin Gatlin stormed to victory in 6.46s ahead of Jamaica's Nesta Carter, with Chambers taking third by the narrowest of margins ahead of American Trell Kimmons, with both athletes given a time of 6.60s.
Trell (Eds.)), Hadronic Press, Palm Harbor, 1999, pp.
American Mike Rodgers was third ahead of Trell Kimmons.
inquiry should not have extended beyond it."); Trell v.
The simulations provided a visual starter for the interviews (Lorentzson & Trell, 1999) in order to tap into participants' existing conceptions about windows, tables, graphs and rules, thus connecting their existing understandings of rate with the scenarios.
According to Trell Rohovit, president and CEO of Venafi, a systems management company focused on encryption technologies, the fund has played an integral role in helping young companies get up and running.