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TREMORSTsunami Risk Evaluation through seismic Moment from Real-time System
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The whole world bloomed in a flush and tremor of maiden loveliness, instinct with all the evasive, fleeting charm of spring and girlhood and young morning.
"No, father," said Tom, speaking with energetic decision, though there was tremor discernible in his voice too, "you will live to see the debts all paid.
Kit entered the office in a great tremor, for he was not used to going among strange ladies and gentlemen, and the tin boxes and bundles of dusty papers had in his eyes an awful and venerable air.
Throughout this preparation there had been a constant tremor in Hepzibah's frame; an agitation so powerful that Phoebe could see the quivering of her gaunt shadow, as thrown by the firelight on the kitchen wall, or by the sunshine on the parlor floor.
Hearing the more regular rise and fall of his breath (which, however, even then, instead of being strong and full, had a feeble kind of tremor, corresponding with the lack of vigor in his character), --hearing these tokens of settled slumber, Hepzibah seized the opportunity to peruse his face more attentively than she had yet dared to do.
Pray hasten her, for this delay has already imparted a tremor to my nerves.
Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth has called for a complete fracking ban after the three large tremors.
(Alliance News) - A tremor measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale has been felt near the UK's only active fracking site, less than two days after a previously record-breaking tremor at the facility.
Fracking was temporarily stopped at the Cuadrilla site after other tremors on Wednesday including one that measured 1.55 on the Richter scale, the largest ever at the site.
Release date- 08082019 - TREMOR Brain researchers from the University of Copenhagen have invented an inexpensive method to measure tremor as known from Parkinson's disease in mice.
Following the tremors, people of the area came out of their houses and offices and started reciting Kalama-e-Tayyaba.
There were no immediate reports of damage or injury from the tremors that were aftershocks of the July 27 quakes.