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Basic features of the Treo ($400 if established with a line of service, $700 for device only):
Motorola capitalized on the success of the Motorola Razr and Slvr slim phones by offering a slim all-in-one device that is less than half the size of the Palm Treo. Running the enhanced Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 platform with built-in wireless sync for Microsoft Exchange server, it's no wonder this particular device is in such high demand.
Pleasant, S.C., which builds about 20 custom and spec homes annually, runs Strata's PunchList on a Treo 600 from Cingular.
is using PunchList on a Treo in the following three ways:
With the Treo, Kendrick can update on the fly and simply fax out work requests at the end of the day, when he gets back to the office.
He says the goal is for him to sign off on a job in the field on a Treo and initiate an automated pay process within MasterBuilder.
On the other hand, the Treo is not just a phone but also a Palm device, so that will hold some appeal, especially for tech-savvy builders who like using Palm applications.
Since 2002, Treo Solutions has been driving transformation in healthcare through alignment, collaboration, and transparency, leveraging enhanced data to deliver value.
In NKCS, all of the principals and many of the district-wide coordinators carry a Treo 650 or 600.
Herdman looked carefully at what was available and realized that the $400 price point (at the time) for the Treo 600 was within her budget.
She made sure there was appropriate staff development in place and went ahead with the Treo. There are now between sixty and seventy in the district, plus cellphones and other Palm handhelds.
Gary Miller, Assistant Principal at Oak Park High School, was one of the administrators who was using both a cellphone and a Palm handheld before the advent of the Treo smartphone.