TREPThree Rivers Education Partnership (Illinois)
TREPTotal Residential Education Program (India)
TREPTargeted Research Enhancement Program (US VA)
TREPTribal Rural Electrification Program (Arizona Department of Commerce)
TREPTropical Rainfall Experiment Package
TREPToken Reply
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Exceeding the target for TREP II is a testament to the momentum of both the real estate team and TPG," said TPG Co-Founder Jim Coulter.
Using DYNASMART, the researchers identified and modeled the supply-side and demandside elements of TrEPS to account for changing weather conditions and the availability of traveler information systems and WRTM devices.
Also, the researchers are focusing on weather-related traffic management and control measures, and are studying how to interface their deployment and evaluation with the TrEPS decision-support tools.
Take advantage of the second annual North Brookfield Treps Marketplace at the same time (10 a.
NORTH BROOKFIELD - It was a success at his grandson's school in New Jersey, so why not bring the TREPS program to North Brookfield Elementary School?
Aran said he enjoyed the TREPS program from start to finish.
It was the chamber that purchased the TREPS program, and then Mr.
It was pretty fascinating talking with my grandson about TREPS because he was telling me all of these business concepts that we (at SCORE) teach to adult businesses in seminars," Mr.
He said the TREPS program in North Brookfield is a redesign of the one offered in New Jersey.