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TRETTelecommunications and Radio Engineering Telecommunications (journal)
TRETText Retrieval Technique
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MannKind is now preparing the next phase of development to evaluate the safety and tolerability of TreT in patients with PAH.
Desoz la bocle li pecoie et li fant, Et le hauberc li desmaille et desment, Par mi le cors li mist l' espi trenchant, Encontre terre l' abati mort sanglant, Puis tret l' espee par molt fier mautalant.
Alguna normativa generalitzada sense justificacio recomanava que no s'havien de concordar verb i subjecte per raons poc explicades, malgrat que dialectalment la concordanca es l'us general del verb haver locatiu amb el seu subjecte (tret que ja recull Josep Nebot i Perez en 1894).
"Exploring the choices of contraception and abortion among married couples in Tret, rural Punjab, Pakistan." Islamabad: Population Council.
'The back of the house still has the tret rstins on it.
Stephane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cot tret of France won the event for the third time in four years, ahead of the Mitsubishi Pajero of Luc Alphand and Gilles Picard.
We love a lot of trans performers, from the breezy metal sexpot Bralalalala to the awesome glittersurftransvestobilly Barbarellatones (, and sometimes performers we really like (last issue it was Tret Fure and Deidre McCalla) end up on the proverbial cutting room floor because we run out of space.
In the last ten years the Holly Near, Cris Williamson, and Tret Fure shows I've seen were held in small venues with even smaller, older audiences.
Levin, Ossian v russkoy literature: Konets XVIII--pervaya tret' XIX veka, Leningrad, 1980, p.
AJ AIAIA/JIJIJ AL YAAS (US yes--oed) / YLLS (hills--oed) AQ AOROA (New Zealand) / QOROQ AS AIDA / SIDS (Iran) AT AREA / TRET (both Web2) AV AOA (Century Dic.-the Banyan tree) / VOV (9th letter of Yiddish alphabet--Web3) AX AIA (ayah--oed) / XIX AZ AELA (Estonia) / ZELZ (Guatemala) (Poland) BE BIRB (a minute barb or BQ BANAB (Iran) / QANAQ beard--oed) / EIRE (Greenland) BU BEB (bib v.
Dominating the display of silver specimens was a nearly 1-inch-thick, smooth-surfaced, arching wire that had been named "Tret"; it rose some 6 or 7 inches, bent over parallel to the ground, then looped back down to the base.