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TRETSTransactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (Association for Computing Machinery journal)
TRETSTransportation, Energy, and Troop Support
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It is a labor to task the faculties of a man -- such problems of profit and loss, of interest, of tare and tret, and gauging of all kinds in it, as demand a universal knowledge.
The purpose of this contract is to provide an operating service for the multimodal exchange hub of trets. this is a composite market, consisting in part of an ordinary market operated at a flat-rate global price and partly a framework agreement executed with purchase orders.
Scheduling, steering and coordination mission for the partial restructuring and accessibility work of les hauts de l~arc college in trets.
Main features: the services are executed by a global and fixed price and will be realized in 5 phases, each triggered by the issuance of service orders: - phase a: graphic design of a common framework: thematic panels, nameplates, vitrauphanies- phase b: graphical declination of the 7 thematic panels on the cities of gardanne, fuveau, mimet, trets, grasque, meyreuil, peynier- phase c: generation of a qr code- phase d: production of 7 thematic panels, 7 pieces of furniture, 21 nameplates, 150 vitrauphanies- phase e: delivery of the entire production to the direction of the grand site sainte-victoire, farm, route de meyreuil, 13100 beaurecueil
Tenders are invited for Illuminations of the end of year holidays 2018 for the commune of TRETS.
This consultation concerns the services necessary for the implementation of the illuminations on the Municipality of TRETS for the festive season.
Design contest:Restricted competition - Collge Les Hauts de l'Arc - Trets.
Place of performance: rue Marius Jatteaux - 13530 Trets.
Contract notice: Revitalization of greenery in the administrative territory of the town of tret