TRFNThree Rivers Free-Net (Pennsylvania)
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If you are representing an organization interested in becoming an IP on TRFN, you can determine the following from these pages: why a Web site is useful, what you might want to include as content, and how other IN have benefited from their Web sites.
Local nonprofit organizations: TRFN is working toward providing our community with a comprehensive listing of all southwestern Pennsylvania Web sites produced by nonprofit or government agencies.
Abuse/violence: This topic is one of more than 33 that fall under special topics in our social service area, and it demonstrates the organization of each subject throughout TRFN.
People with disabilities: Access by the entire community is an issue that TRFN takes very seriously.
Did-you-know: This page offers links to pages created by TRFN staff to address timely and often universal issues or topics of interest to our community.
Charter for county government: TRFN attempts to provide the citizens of our community with resources needed to make informed decisions.
Now that you know more about our goals, history, infrastructure, and how our site is organized, I will share some of the reasons why the TRFN project is successful.
These skills have benefited TRFN especially in the development of our subject areas.
Getting to useful information as easily as possible to answer community questions is the goal of librarians and TRFN staff.
TRFN also benefits because Internet access through the EIN is available to users at public libraries county-wide.
Collaboration plays an important part in the success of TRFN.
Duquesne University selected TRFN as the public base for its HUD-funded NeighborLink project.