TRGITrident Rowan Group, Inc.
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Indicators of the institutional and policy environments (TRGI), geography/cost variation (UrbanR), and demand intensity (UseR) do not appear to be associated with measures of broadband network quality or its variability in OECD countries.
(2011): "Benchmarking telecoms regulation the telecommunications regulatory governance index (TRGI), Telecommunications Policy, 35(5), 450-468.
Results indicate that scores of IES, TRGI and BSI subscales significantly differ with respect to the type of violence.
In accordance with the second aim of the study, regression analysis is conducted to investigate whether the scores of TRGI and IES predict the BSI/subscale scores of anxiety, depression, somatisation, negative self and hostility or not, and the results reveal that TRGI and IES scores predict the scale scores mentioned.
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The project manager~s services are based on the requirements of the dvgw regulations g 680, G 676 b1, G 600 (trgi), G 106a and g 695 (m).
legal requirements and applicable technical regulations of the professional associations and trade associations (manufacturer information, dguv, vde, dvgw, trgi, ndav, etc.) must be observed.
TRGI 521 about 580 m reassembly sewage system u PP iron pipe about 1 120 m reassembly Wassverteillung DN 12 -.
Basis form the VOL / A, TRGI latest version, regulations GASAG, VDMA, AMEV, DIN 18017 and DVGW-worksheet G 600, G 624, G 670