TRI-NETTri-Service Technology Information Sharing Network
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The complex TRI-NET procedure was successfully executed(4).
Subsequent TRI-NET projects were conducted for operational purposes only - to post-test finished commercials providing absolute measures of real-world effectiveness.
This difference in study objectives enabled design changes - changes which simplified the execution of the TRI-NET without damaging its character as a real-world controlled experiment (see Table 6).
Table 6 Modified TRI-NET Design Market ABC CBS NBC 1 GMI - - 2 - GMI - 3 - - GMI Table 7 Largest TRI-NET Gains Commercial Test Control Effect Probability # 1 5.
A special analysis, based on over half the commercials, showed a direct relationship between TRI-NET real-world post-test findings and SST Laboratory pretesting [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED].
Table 8 Largest TRI-NET Losses Commercial Test Control Effect Probability #56 6.
Findings from these studies are consistent with the TRI-NET findings but inconsistent with findings from research based on Theory 1.
The advertising response function suggested by TRI-NET and the other alternative theory (Theory 2) research findings are shown in Figure 8.
These TRI-NET findings are strikingly consistent with the Ph.
These TRI-NET data contain the seeds of an entirely different strategy.
2 In the first TRI-NET feasibility study, criterion questions were also asked for toothpaste - a dummy category not involved in the test.
4 The entire General Mills TRI-NET, SST, Ad Lab/AdTel advertising research program was directed with great distinction by Dr.