TRI-TACTri-Service Tactical Communications Program (US DoD)
TRI-TACJoint Tactical Communications Development Project
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MSE retains the TRI-TAC message switch, but it replaces the TRI-TAC circuit switch at corps and the analog extension switch in divisions.
Mobile Secriber Equipment and TRI-TAC, the network provided only transport services.
1 Four workstations are included in each unit of the Army's Command System Control Element used with the TRI-TAC system in Desert Storm.
During the initial stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom, maneuver warfare settled down to base camp operations with traditional TRI-TAC and MSE systems providing nearly all communications to and among corps and divisional units.
Although the current MSE/ TRI-TAC communication structure was sufficient for its time, just as the way we fight on the battlefield evolved, so did technology and the requirements to support the force.
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