TRI-TACTri-Service Tactical Communications Program (US DoD)
TRI-TACJoint Tactical Communications Development Project
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MSE retains the TRI-TAC message switch, but it replaces the TRI-TAC circuit switch at corps and the analog extension switch in divisions.
More than 100 systems were employed with the Army's Command System Control Element used to monitor the Tri-Service Tactical Communication System (TRI-TAC) in Desert Storm (Figure 1).
Mobile Secriber Equipment and TRI-TAC, the network provided only transport services.
During the initial stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom, maneuver warfare settled down to base camp operations with traditional TRI-TAC and MSE systems providing nearly all communications to and among corps and divisional units.
Although the current MSE/ TRI-TAC communication structure was sufficient for its time, just as the way we fight on the battlefield evolved, so did technology and the requirements to support the force.
To give WIN-T the time it needed to mature new technologies, we believed we could take risks and stretch the life of MSE and TRI-TAC systems.
Upon his promotion to major general, he was assigned as director of the joint tactical communications office which developed the TRI-TAC equipment still in use across the services today.
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