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TRIATerrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002
TRIATexas Rice Improvement Association (est. 1941)
TRIATaiwan Rubber Industries Association
TRIATerm Requirement in Average
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Tria is suitable for light to medium skin, in combination with light brown to black hair tones.
Foliar application of TRIA can help ameliorate the harmful effects of different abiotic strains on many biochemical, physiological and growth activities in various crops such as canola (Zulfiqar and Shahbaz, 2013), sunflower (Aziz et al.
The magnitude of the disruption that could result from the absence of TRIA coverage was likely a factor in the 416-5 vote, held in the House of Representatives on January 7th, in favor of extending the Act into 2020.
As with previous TRIA reauthorizations, the primary responsibility for financial recovery is placed on the private sector in all but the most catastrophic of events.
The Senate bill makes reasonable changes and improvements to TRIA.
TRIA, a public-private partnership to safeguard the availability of commercial terrorism insurance, is not a corporate giveaway or a subsidy, nor is it a mechanism for supplanting the private sector in the insurance marketplace.
The letter's signatories, in urging Congress to act on TRIA reauthorization without delay, maintained that "the American business community needs certainty so that it can continue to focus on its primary mission of creating jobs.
This move will end the patent infringement litigation between Tria and Palomar Medical Technologies, which Cynosure acquired in June 2013.
Serbian oil and gas company NIS is to launch seismic exploration for oil and gas at the Tria block in western Romania.
I was instantly drawn to the ease and convenience of the Tria Hair Removal Laser and the fact that it offered professional and permanent results in the comfort of your own home.
The project estimaetd to cost US$170 million is planned by PT Tria Talang Emas from Malaysia.
This stipulation was hotly contested by insurers and insurance associations throughout 2007, due to the fact that such attacks, though unprecedented, could have monumental impact on insurers and--according to industry groups--would be unjustified given that the TRIA program has always been deemed a temporary fix.