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TRIACTriode Alternating Current Switch
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The partial overlap of triac A and C conducting phase causes two input currents magnitude, the open time of triac A and C results only magnetizing transformer current component.
Output control signals of microcontroller cannot be used directly to trigger a triac. A triac drive circuit is used both to bring the control signals to a level that can turn-on triacs and to provide an electrical isolation between the microcontroller and starter triac circuit.
El resultado esta acorde con la potencia nominal que el TRIAC consume.
If most triac were as easy to read as many of the above examp, we shoul quit writi whole sente and switc to triac and save lots of paper and ink!--Anil (August, 2010)
The heaters are each controlled by a bidirectional triode alternating current switch (TRIAC), with the three TRIACS controlled by a single control signal.
Line of Triac THD heavy-duty scotch yoke actuators is engineered for the most demanding liquid and air handling applications, powering quarter-turn dampers and valves with up to 1,600,000 in.
Tiratricol (Triac), a substance that has weak thyromimetic effects, resulted in a case of documented hyperthyroidism secondary to its use.
The outlet sensor is connected to the company's TC D digital temperature controller, which is an Atex-approved unit with fully encapsulated solid state circuitry; it uses zero-voltage switching techniques and a Triac power switching element to minimise radio frequency interference and power losses, and provides fully proportional control.
It's a similar tactic Peltz has used at other companies where Triac has become a significant investor, such as Cadbury Schweppes and H J Heinz Company.
The second core acquires the sensor signal and inturn drives the optocoupler based triac unit for power control.