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TRIACSTriode Alternating Current Switch
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In fact, due to phase to the phase connection, there are twice as many voltage drops as the switching period caused by conducting the current from phase U to phase V by triac A and from phase W to U by triac C.
Finally, when the motor reaches around rated speed, motor windings are then connected delta by means of triacs.
A triac with low holding and latching current characteristics, allows the triac to remain on at very low current levels.
TRIACs are effectively bidirectional electronic switches.
This means that in the four sources and 10 receivers configuration, 40 triacs should be the same number of keys and symistor switches.
The company now offers a range of SCRs with current ratings from 15A to 55A, and triacs from 6A to 40A in the TO-220AB package with lead-free finishes on all connections.
Fairchild has announced its entry into the standard triac market with the 600V FKPF12N6O and the 800V FKPF12N8O, two 12A standard triacs for optimizing performance in consumer appliances.
Compact, socketed modules allow field replacement of relays, triacs, SSR pulse and analog d-c outputs.
The phototriacs consist of a GaAs infrared LED that is optically coupled to a monolithic photosensitive zero crossing triac detector chip.
Triac dimmers, originally designed for incandescent light bulbs, chop incoming voltage to vary the power of a bulb.
Units provide relay, logic, or triac control output.