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TRIADTranslating Research into Action for Diabetes (various locations)
TRIADTexas Resources for Iraq-Afghanistan Deployment (statewide foundation collaborative)
TRIADTactical Readiness Instruction, Authoring, and Delivery (software service; US Navy)
TRIADTeam Response: Indians against Defamation (mascots)
TRIADTechnology for Rotorcraft Integrated Analyses and Design
TRIADTechnology-Related Assistance of Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988
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In addition, Triad Financial Services will utilize several offerings within the Black Knight Actionable Intelligence Platform (AIP), a unified framework for delivering strategic, proactive and actionable analytics to the right people within an organization at the right time, so they know the right actions to initiate next.
The Bamboo Triad, based in Taiwan, is the organized-crime group that has been supplying illegal drugs to the Philippines.
Another purpose was to present 3D models of the liver segments and terminal branches of the portal triad and hepatic vein in a PDF file that can assist in learning and training with anatomy and clinical surgery.
"Dark triad traits are linked to the pursuit of short-term mating strategies, but they may have differential effects on actual mating success in naturalistic scenarios," Emanuel Jauk, corresponding author of the study, told ( PsyPost.
Since Rockbridge and Triad Retail Media partnered in late 2012, Triad's revenue and profits have more than tripled.
Terminix of the Triad provides pest control services to homeowners in the Triad area, including pest control, termite control, bed bug control, mosquito control, and more.
Unlike screws, the Speed Triad features Fixation RecoveryTM: the ability of the implant to maintain compression through repetitive loading.
Often the CIO represents the administrative side of the triad, with nursing or medical informatics the IT side.
The Performance Triad app also provides leaders information about refueling after exercise to maintain performance over sustained operations.
"At conferences I'd hear BD executives ask, 'How do you accommodate or make an exception'" for reps who want to run their own RIAs, recalled Mark Mettelman, CEO of Triad, but "I took this as a 'How do I embrace this?' trend instead." Triad, Mettelman said in an interview, was founded in 1998, but "we got our first 'hybrid'" advisor in 1999, so "this is not a new business to us." Rather, "we've been doing it a long time, and it stems from us wanting to attract very entrepreneurial types of advisors."
Finally, chapter 9 ("Double Syntax and the Soft Revolution") recapitulates the existing tension between the triad's two natures.
Triad, which sells mortgage insurance to residential mortgage lenders, said in a filing withDelaware bankruptcy court that its loss ratios, which measure incurred losses to premiums earned, had been hit by "continued high unemployment in the U.S.