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The most famous reference to first performances as trials occurs in the preliminaries to Shakespeare's First Folio, where Heminges and Condell note that these plays "have had their triall alreadie," and have "stood out all Appeales" (A3r).
(152.) See, e.g., 4 Edward Coke, Reports, in l The Selected Writings and Speeches of SIR EDWARD Coke, supra note 145, at 1, 102 ("The King is under no man, but onely God and the Law, for the Law makes the King: Therefore let the king attribute that to the Law, which from the law he hath received, to wit, power and dominion: for where will, and not law doth sway there is no King."); DAVIES, supra note 147 (arguing that legislation and royal edicts are normatively inferior to the common law because they "are imposed uppon the Subject before any Triall or Probation made, whether the same bee fitt & agreeable to the nature & disposition of the people, or whether they will breed any inconvenience or no").
that the Kings life must shortly passe upon a dangerous unequall triall." The Presbyterian writer "E.S.," who might have been the purged Presbyterian member of Parliament Edward Stephens, hoped that he could argue Parliament out of its proposed, actions.
In judging the aforesaid offenses, however, the eldership was to "judge the matter of scandal," not the crime; no evidence given before the eldership was allowable "at any triall of Law of any person for any offence." The ordinance went on to stipulate that all capital offenses fell under the purview and examination of the magistrate, who upon committing any such offenders to prison would then notify the eldership, who would then have power to suspend them from the sacrament.
Enfeebled and bathed in the sweat of virtuous exercise, exercise that purifies one's virtue-and "that which purifies us is triall, and triall is by what is contrary" (49)--the values of Milton's A Maske are diametrically, as well as morally, opposed to those of the court masque, represented in the adage of its last masque:
For the written Laws which are made either by the Edicts of Princes, or by Councils of Estates, are imposed upon the Subject before any Triall or Probation made, whether the same be fit and agreeable to the nature and disposition of the people, or whether they will breed any inconvenience or no.
Examen de ingenios, or, a triall of wits (the examination of mens wits).
Hildersham had no doubt that `a man is not to receive this Sacrament, except after triall hee finde himselfe to be in the estate of grace'.(101) To urge this duty upon communicants was one thing; to enforce it in practice, or even attempt to do so, was quite another.
In addition to Samuel Harsnett's written account of the John Darrel trial, which is another recognized influence on Jonson's plotline of false accusations of 'possession' levelled against women and performed exorcisms, Darrel's own sworn statements were recorded in a collection under the title, The Triall of Maister Darrell, or a collection of Defences against Allegations Not Yet Suffered to Receive Convenient Answer (1599).
Simpson said after his murder triall Lydon said: "Now we're going after the real killers."
When urediniospore production was evaluated on leaves infected with both strains, SR22 had a significantly smaller competitive effect on urediniospore production ([Beta]) by SR41 than did SR41 on SR22 in both trials (P [less than] 0.0001 in Triall; P = 0.033 in Trial 2).