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TRIARCHTrading Room Information Architecture
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TriArch Real Estate Group, LLC is a full service real estate investment and management company located in New York City.
The new Wombat platform serves financial markets firms contending with a fragmented market structure, rising market data and transaction volumes, increased low latency trading requirements and the forced migration from older Reuters (NasdaqNM: RTRSY) Triarch and TIBCO TIB market data distribution systems to Reuters RMDS.
Because it's not overly difficult today to re-engineer 10- to 15-year old technology, we believe that RMDS and its predecessors, Triarch and ciServer, will still be capable of meeting certain industry requirements for the near term.
It works equally well with legacy Triarch systems, at any stage of migration to RMDS, as it does with standard RMDS systems.
Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) and Triarch are trademarks of Reuters.
The five new feed handlers are available on all common market data platforms, including Reuters RMDS, TIB Classic, Triarch, Wombat's various MAMA platforms (TIB/RV, Elvin and LBM) and various custom interfaces.
As part of this announcement, Reuters is also committing support for legacy APIs used for the TIB and Triarch Market Data Platforms, to include Triarch SSL, TIB and TIBCO Rendezvous 5 APIs.
As stated earlier, Reuters is committing continued support of Triarch SSL, TIB and TIBCO Rendezvous 5 APIs.
The Wombat LSE feed handler will be available on all common market data platforms, including Reuters RMDS, ciServer/Tib Classic, Triarch, Elvin and TCP Basic as well as Wombat's MDRV(TM) and Wombat Transport platforms.
The Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) joins components from Reuters Triarch and TIBCO Software (NASDAQ:TIBX)'s TIB Market Data Distribution System platforms to manage financial content in real-time with a high degree of scalability and resilience across trading environments.
The team at 29West led the design and development of the first Triarch financial market trading floors, the commercial implementations of the PGM reliable multicast protocol for Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) and commercialization and support of the Lucent (NYSE: LU)-designed RMTP II reliable multicasting protocol.
RMDS manages financial content in real-time across trading environments and will be deployed by UBS Investment Bank worldwide to replace its current Triarch infrastructure.