TRICOLTrinity International College (Lagos/Ogun, Nigeria)
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(c) TriCOL procedure carried out as previously described [36]: in brief, the procedure included suspension under gentle agitation in hypotonic PBS in presence of protease inhibitors in nonoxidizing conditions; then removal of cell remnants by successive two 10 h extractions in 1% Triton X-100 and one treatment with hypertonic and hypotonic PBS, respectively, followed by two 10 h extractions in 10 mM sodium cholate (0.4% w/v).
(d) Tri-TDOC protocol in part implemented the above (c) TriCOL procedure while replacing the sodium cholate treatment with two successive extraction periods of 8 h each with 4 mM TDOC (0.2% w/v) (sodium taurodeoxycholate, Sigma, St.
Effective immediately, HemCon will operate as Tricol Biomedical, Inc.