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TRIFTrilinear Filtering
TRIFTechnology and Research Initiative Fund
TRIFTiled Raster Interchange Format
TRIFTotal Recordable Injury Frequency (occupational health)
TRIFTemporary Refuge Impairment Frequency
TRIFTotal Recordable Incident Frequency (safety statistic)
TRIFTransportation Resources, Inc (Sterling, MA)
TRIFTransaction Routing Index File
TRIFThe Rasmus International Forum
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4 summarizes the operation of the TRIF combustion model, illustrating the mutual interactions between the CFD, flamelets domains and chemistry table.
51) TRIF recruits TRAF6 and activates TAK1 for NF-[kappa]B activation through ubiquitination dependent mechanisms similar to those of the MyD88 dependent pathway.
Dubai: Romanian football agent-turned-entrepreneur Robert Cristian Trif will find out this week if his football club Athletic Dubai can enter this season's UAE second division.
Nathan secured singles and doubles gold at the TRIF Yonex Cup, the largest tournament in Denmark with over 500 players taking part.
Tras el acoplamiento del ligando, con el dominio citoplasmatico de los TLRs se reclutan los adaptadores de senalizacion MyD88, la proteina asociada a TIR (TIRAP) y molecula adaptadora que contiene TIR (TRAM) y/o TRIF eventos estos, que ocurren en el dominio TIR de los TLRs.
When triggered, TLRs recruit host cell adaptor proteins including MyD88 and TRIF, which activate signaling cascades to promote defense of the host.
The sixth panel, "Gender Dimensions of Space from Discursive and Psychological Perspectives," chaired by Susanne Hochreiter who talked about response and responsibility in a bilateral research project Romania - Austria, focused on the effects of virtual space divisions upon male/female brains described by Filip Bacalu, the gender and spatial reasoning presented by Victorita Trif, the development of the ability to adapt to school by valuing gender differences in educational space brought into discussion by Nadia Mirela Florea while Zoi Arvanitidou and Gasouka Maria pointed at the gendered dimension of dressing in work space.
Specifically designed for retailers and distributors, the two-day TRIF will be combined with the four-day Tissue World trade show, which includes a vendor show floor and high-level market, management and technical conference sessions.
Trif, Bela Almof, Vasile Astarastoae, Liviu Cocora.
It would, after all, seem to be a trif le unreasonable to dismiss a book about Islamic finance for being 'commercial'.
One MyD88-independent signalling pathway by TLR4 has showed that overexpression of TRAM, along with TRIF, caused IRF3 to translocate to the nucleus and take the role with p65 together (23).