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TRIFTrilinear Filtering
TRIFTechnology and Research Initiative Fund
TRIFTiled Raster Interchange Format
TRIFTotal Recordable Injury Frequency (occupational health)
TRIFTemporary Refuge Impairment Frequency
TRIFTotal Recordable Incident Frequency (safety statistic)
TRIFTransportation Resources, Inc (Sterling, MA)
TRIFTransaction Routing Index File
TRIFThe Rasmus International Forum
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Compared with the Control group, the LPS group displayed higher levels of TLR-4, MyD88, TRIF, and p-p65, and lower expression of I[kappa]B-[alpha].
Chirila, Ioan, Pasca-Tusa, Stelian, Popa-Bota, Ioan, Trif, Claudia-Cosmina, 2018.
In detail, LPS binding to MD-2 promotes dimerization of TLR4/MD-2 with the recruitment of intracellular adaptor proteins, MyD88 and TIRAP (MyD88-dependent pathway) or TRIF and TRAM (MyD88independent pathway).
In a model of ovarian carcinoma in rats, melatonin (dose: 200 [micro]g/100g of body weight, administered from 60 days) inhibited the phosphorylation of AKT and mTOR [110], diminished the levels of TLR4, MyD88, IkK[alpha], NF-[kappa]B, TRIF, and IRF-3 [111], and promoted apoptosis through the upregulation of p53, BAX, and caspase-3 and downregulation of Bcl-2 and survivin [112].
In the present study, we investigated the potential mechanism of ox-LDL-induced miR-155 and inflammation response in macrophages and found that ox-LDL induced TRIF expression and activated [ERK.sub.1/2] signal, then enhanced the expression of B-cell integration cluster (BIC, miR-155 host gene)/miR-155, thus promoting inflammation mediator production.
Rabbit anti-rat/human HDAC2, histone 3, acetyl-histone 3 (Ac-histone 3), MyD88, TRIF, TRAF6, occluding, and [beta]-actin were obtained from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) (Boston, USA).
In addition, in peritoneal macrophages of db/db mice, pioglitazone markedly suppressed the expression of MyD88 (myeloid differentiation factor 88) and TRIF (TIR-domain-containing adaptor inducing interferon-[sz]) protein in the cytoplasm and reduced the phosphorylation of interleukin receptor-associated kinase and p38, which subsequently inhibited the activation of TLR4 signaling pathway and NF-?B.[sup][47] Ji et al.
Yishay Trif, CEO at MoneyNetINT, said, "We're thrilled to announce the launch of this agreement between MoneyNetINT and JCB, a leading international payment brand.
According to the psycho-centrism, the student, both, as subject and object of education acquires what is new if he is engaged in a personal effort (Ionescu, 2009, cited by Trif, 2012).