TRIGRTrial to Reduce IDDM in the Genetically at Risk
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This agreement is in addition to the recently announced agreement whereby TRIGR licensed pre-clinical immune engaging bispecific antibodies from ABL.
Caption: Known in the US Army as Laser Target Locator Module, BAE Systems Trigr includes an uncooled thermal channel and weighs less than 2.5 kg.
Following our previous outcomes hypothesizing a possible role of MAP as an environmental agent in T1D onset [7, 10], in the present study, we analyzed plasma samples of Sardinian children enrolled in the TRIGR study for the presence of Abs against selected MAP peptides and homologous ZnT8 and PI fragments to identify possible biomarkers for early prediction of T1D development towards overt clinical disease.
In the framework of TRIGR study, 23 Sardinian children at risk of T1D (i.e., with a first-degree relative affected by T1D; mean age 2,8 [+ or -] 2,7 years) attending the Department of Diabetes, St.
After 7 years of the TRIGR follow-up, no significant difference in progression towards [beta]-cell autoimmunity was detected between children with HLA-conferred T1D susceptibility weaned to a conventional or an extensively hydrolyzed formula, the latter containing 99.7% of peptides with a molecular weight >2kDa [27].
Early feeding and risk of type 1 diabetes: experiences from the Trial to Reduce Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in the Genetically at Risk (TRIGR).
- Irvine, California-based pharmaceutical company Trigr Therapeutics and Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea-based biotechnology company ABL Bio have entered into a binding agreement for Trigr to license the global commercial rights to ABL Bio's pipeline of novel therapeutic antibodies to treat cancer, the companies said.
Under the terms of the agreement, Trigr will pay a total upfront fee of USD4.3 m to license global rights, excepting South Korea, to 5 antibodies currently under development by ABL Bio.
It was reported on Tuesday that the contract has been signed for TRIGR to license the global commercial rights to ABL Bio's range of novel therapeutic antibodies intended to treat cancer.
According to the terms of the agreement, TRIGR will pay a total upfront fee of USD4.3m to license global rights (except for South Korea) to five antibodies presently under development by ABL Bio.