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TRIMTripartite Motif (protein)
TRIMTruth in Millage (Florida)
TRIMTerrain Resource Information Management (Canada)
TRIMTotal Risk Integrated Methodology
TRIMTokyo Realty Investment Management, Inc. (Japan)
TRIMT Cell Receptor Interacting Molecule
TRIMTotal Records and Information Management (NMCI)
TRIMTimber Resource Inventory Model (forestry industry)
TRIMTerrain Resource Information Mapping
TRIMTax Reform In McLean county (Illinois)
TRIMTidal, Residual, and Intertidal Mudflat Model
TRIMThrowaway/Repair Implications on Maintenance
TRIMTime Related Instructional Management System
TRIMTrident Radio Room Intermediate Maintenance Equipment
TRIMTest, Rework and Inspection Management
TRIMTampere Research Center for Information and Media (Finland)
TRIMTime Resolution Imaging Mode
TRIMTraining Requirements & Information Management
TRIMTactical Radio & Intercom Modular
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When the kids are a few weeks old and still small enough to sit on my lap, I give them a gentle trim.
The Assisted Sail Trim consists of three OEM packages that offer sensor-guided, push-button sail control operated from a cockpit display: The Auto-Tacking base package adjusts the headsail for the new tack while you steer through the maneuver; The Auto Trim is the perfect complement to Auto Tacking letting you set the initial trim and press the button to engage Auto Trim so the system can monitor apparent wind for perfect sail trim.
Even if you need mostly short pieces, it's wise to buy the longest trim you can fit into your vehicle.
Basically, Active Trim controls trim according to boat speed (computed by an internal GPS) and engine RPM, the way a skilled captain should.
It eliminates the need for drilling jigs and trims higher quality features in less time than manual trimming.
Z Trim multifunctional fiber does not have to be modified to provide the same textural benefits of starch.
In the present study beak trimming resulted in a 34% reduction in beak length with no difference in beak length between the three trimmed methods, which would be considered a light trim compared to the more usual industry practice of removing about 50% of the beak.
The increased stroke coupled with precise linear-guide platens eliminates the need for an intermediate trim press to pre-punch.
Superstars and celebrities who fly first class are being wafted through the air courtesy of a Redditch company that supplies interior trim to some of the world's top airlines.
Today, that focus has shifted dramatically and people in the industry are understanding how much time consumers spend in their vehicles and how important being comfortable and having high-quality materials are," says Kathy Sirvio, GM's strategic color and trim design manager.
One of the hottest trends in kitchen design is the addition of stacked trim to wall cabinets.