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TRIMSTrade-Related Investment Measures
TRIMSTechnical Risk Identification and Mitigation System
TRIMSTrinity River Information Management System (Texas)
TRIMSTargets and Ranges Information Management System (US Navy/Atlantic Fleet Ranges)
TRIMSTime-Resolved Ion Momentum Spectrometry (chemistry)
TRIMSTennessee Road Information Management System
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"He's going to see Mary," observed Ned with a grin, as he observed Tom hop into his trim little roadster, which under his orders, Koku had polished and cleaned until it looked as though it had just come from the factory.
The schooners moored to the quay are trim and neat, the little town along the bay is white and urbane, and the flamboyants, scarlet against the blue sky, flaunt their colour like a cry of passion.
He waxed his mustachios into a state of brilliant polish and put on a tight cravat and a trim buff waistcoat, so that all the young officers in the mess-room, whither Crawley had preceded his friend, complimented Mac on his appearance at breakfast and asked if he was going to be married that Sunday.
When the mold transfers back to the blow position, the same movement places the trim fixture into the trim station, according to the company.
The new engine option is a 95bhp oilburner that becomes available on all three models, which also benefit from updated trim and equipment.
For hoof trimming, I trim the hooves on the near side, then turn the goat around on the platform and lock in the left-hand stanchion to trim the other two hooves.
The "Move It Trim Systems" (MITS) family of portable trim removal systems is designed for a wide range of materials, including paper, film, foil and plastics with a minimum thickness of 0.0004".
The automaker has added a new SE trim for the model.
A robotic router trimming system has been designed by KMT Robotic Solutions specifically to trim acrylic bath tubs.
The equipment evaluates each fillet according to size, weight, color grade and trim category, in addition to calculating the most economic cut configuration based on evaluated parameters.