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TRIMSTrade-Related Investment Measures
TRIMSTechnical Risk Identification and Mitigation System
TRIMSTrinity River Information Management System (Texas)
TRIMSTargets and Ranges Information Management System (US Navy/Atlantic Fleet Ranges)
TRIMSTennessee Road Information Management System
TRIMSTime-Resolved Ion Momentum Spectrometry (chemistry)
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A little later the trim and speedy car drew up in front of the Nestor home, and Tom bounded up on the front porch, his heart not altogether as light as his feet.
And on the eighteenth, when that dividend was declared, he chuckled at the confusion that would inevitably descend upon the men with the sharpened shears waiting to trim him--him, Burning Daylight.
Felicity was her prettiest in flower-trimmed hat, crisp muslin, floating ribbons and trim black slippers.
Gilbert lifted Anne from the buggy and led her into the garden, through the little gate between the ruddy-tipped firs, up the trim, red path to the sandstone step.
It is what comes when there is nothing wrong with one's digestion, when his stomach is in trim and his appetite has an edge, and all goes well.
He waxed his mustachios into a state of brilliant polish and put on a tight cravat and a trim buff waistcoat, so that all the young officers in the mess-room, whither Crawley had preceded his friend, complimented Mac on his appearance at breakfast and asked if he was going to be married that Sunday.
Surely you've noticed that your boat, once on plane, runs more efficiently as you trim up the engine some.
A robotic router trimming system has been designed by KMT Robotic Solutions specifically to trim acrylic bath tubs.
The equipment evaluates each fillet according to size, weight, color grade and trim category, in addition to calculating the most economic cut configuration based on evaluated parameters.
Offering a full line of shop supplies, including cutting pliers and trim knives.
Now people are asking for a fresh look, such as peach or pale yellow with white trim or white with a dark garden-green trim on the woodwork.
79 to buy a box of Fibre Trim, that you can read the insert and find you have to take five tablets three times a day (more if you get hungry between meals).