TRIPADStandard Patient Administration System
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Tripad is famously known for their innovative product which allows photographers to turn their tripod into a mobile workstation.
The Tripad Traveler transforms your luggage into a mobile workstation perfect for completing work while traveling or on the go.
The Tripad Traveler's sleek design allows users to effectively utilize all spare minutes during travel.
Genius Pack will market, sell and distribute the Tripad Traveler product, and it will be added to their collection of innovative luggage and travel accessories.
“When the Tripad Traveler was brought to our attention, our entire team immediately viewed it as the ideal addition to our collection of innovative travel solutions,” stated Alfred Chehebar, Founder & CEO of Genius Pack.
What We Learned: Anything students typed had to be saved onto the Tripad's hard drive.
Our hope was to provide Sharp Mobilon Tripads for student checkout.
Because the Tripads were tied into the server, the students were unable to access their virtual drives.
Why We Chose the Product: Mirroring our expectations for the Sharp Mobilon Tripads, we hoped that students would utilize hand-held scanners among the book stacks as they browsed for research.
Similar to the synchronization problems we had with the Tripads, the HP Capshare scanners had to have serial cables connected to desktop computers in order to save files that could be e-mailed to students.
To complement the desktop computers in the library, the staff wanted to provide mobile alternatives in the form of Sharp Mobilon Tripads. The easy-to-transport units came with excellent documentation and weighed less than 3 pounds.