TRISATradoc Intelligence Support Activity
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Decisive Action Training Environment, CTID, TRISA, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (G-2), U.S.
TRISA hosts an informal, electronic consortium which connects an expanding network of users and subject matter experts who share awareness, understanding, and expertise and collaborate on training, education, and operational issues.
And finally, for those who need a hint in the hygiene department, there's the 115-year-old Luzerner firm of Trisa, which today makes electric toothbrushes, not to mention hairbrushes and hair dryers.
Sports programmer TeleRed Imagen (Trisa) has signed a $33 million deal with the Argentine Football Assn.
Packer Trisa Palacio Young Sook Park (*)Sheryl Parks (*)Shirley A.
From the union of these holdings, two new companies were created: Television Satelital Codificada (TSC) and Tele Red Imagen (TRISA).
TyC ya participaba de 40% de Telered Imagen (TRISA), distribuyendo al interior el exitoso programa televisivo "Futbol de Primera".
"Many corporations expressed interest in doing more than just giving us money," says Trisa Long Paschal, vice president of institutional advancement.
Swiss company Trisa has opened its first logistics center in Bulgaria near the town of Elin Pelin.
Their children and their spouses are Anna Fleming of Bend; Paul and Trisa Lavan of Boerne, Texas; and Neal and Rosie Lavan of Eugene.
Army Training and Doctrine Command Intelligence Support Activity (TRISA), spoke on the topic of "Active-Shooter Awareness: Understanding the Full Spectrum Threat." His presentation covered threat indicators for risk management of active-shooting incidents, considerations for immediate or deliberate FP response in crisis, perspectives on lone and group active-shooter vignettes (including historical examples), and training resources available from TRISA.