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TRISHATick-Related Illnesses Self-Help Alliance
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Trisha, from Newcastle West, Co Limerick, said: "I'd always been overweight and as a child my parents struggled to find clothes to fit me.
In the past, speculations have been made that Trisha would be cast for various Kannada films, but they all turned out to be duds.
DISEASE GOT ME US JOB TRISHA said her brush with cancer helped her land the job with US TV bosses.
They assumed this fashion designer friend of mine from Chennai was a drug peddler from Nigeria," Trisha said.
Trisha is pictured being toasted by National Youth Theatre director Ed Wilson.
Having read her latest novel, I knew I shouldn't compare the author to her lead character Josie, but talking to Trisha did nothing to dispel the feeling that I was in conversation with a woman I'd already followed through 394 pages of ups and downs.
Goddard, who presents the channel Five show Trisha, initially went to hospital in early March to undergo an X-ray for a sporting injury.
Trisha was left terrified after a routine mammogram picked up the disease and confessed: "After the operation I didn't know if I was going to come back with abreast or not.
Robin, now aged 24 and a student at Lampeter University, was born happy and healthy but, despite her best efforts, Trisha could not conceive again.
I was so keen to have more children, it never occurred to me that there might be problems," said Trisha, who lives in Conwy.
She will host Talk to Trisha every Sunday from 8pm-10pm, providing a forum for lively debate around people's true-life issues and stories.
That summer Trisha was all that I could think about.