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TRISSTrauma Injury Severity Score
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Trauma and injury severity score (TRISS) was calculated for two different (blunt and penetrating) trauma types with the following method:
Transfusion requirements in septic shock (TRISS) trial--comparing the effects and safety of liberal versus restrictive red blood cell transfusion in septic shock patients in the ICU: protocol for a randomised controlled trial.
While there was a positive, significant and weak correlation between duration of stay in hospital and TRISS (p0.05).
Lavoie, "Improving the TRISS Methodology by Restructuring Age Categories and Adding Comorbidities," Journal of Trauma--Injury Infection and Critical Care, vol.
Trauma outcome analysis of 2 Canadian centers using the TRISS method.
We compared the AUROC of [STTGMA.sub.LE] and [STTMGA.sub.HE] against the Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS), the most commonly used trauma mortality risk tool, in the NTDB cohort using the method devised by Hanley and McNeil (19) to determine if there was a difference in predictive capacity for in-hospital mortality.
Triss Stein's Brooklyn Secrets (9781464204104, $26.95) tells of Brooklyn grad student Erica Donato, who is researching the 1930s when Brownville was home to a group of organized criminals called Murder, Inc.--but her field research becomes too real when a young college-bound student is beaten and left for dead.
In early 20th-century England, Triss wakes up from a feverish sleep to discover that she almost drowned in a river.
Patients' age, gender, trauma interval time, vital status (heart rate, arterial tension, and respiratory rate), hematocrit (HCT) value, serum area aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) values, presence of free abdominal fluid in USG, trauma mechanism, extra-abdominal system injuries, injured solid organs and their number, degree of injury in abdominal CT, number of blood transfusions, duration of hospital stay, time of operation (for those undergoing operation), trauma scores (ISS, RTS, Glasgow coma scale, and TRISS), and causes of morbidity and mortality were examined.
Mitchell AD, Tallon JM, Sealy B.Air versus ground transport of major trauma patients to a tertiary trauma centre: a province-wide comparison using TRISS analysis.Can J Surg.