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TRISSTrauma Injury Severity Score
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As stated at the beginning of her will, she was the widow of the merchant Wilhelm (Wylm) Triss.
98) In Elizabeth's case, her closest relatives mentioned in her will were the widow and children of her late husband's brother, Arndt Triss, (99) and her half-sister.
Triss said: 'The Stand Up Step Up show is essentially the art of self-expression however you choose to express yourself.
Triss, 21, lives with his Bahrain-based family who are originally from Sand Diego, US.
The end of the Injury Severity Score (ISS) and the Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS): ICISS, an International Classification of Diseases, ninth revision-based prediction tool, outperforms both ISS and TRISS as predictors of trauma patient survival, hospital charges, and hospital length of stay.
Keywords: trauma centre; injury surveillance; injury severity; TRISS method
The predictive value of field versus arrival Glasgow Coma Scale score and TRISS calculations in moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury.
Yet while Jacques is gratified that Triss, the latest Redwall, is already walking off the shelves and that he was mobbed in America by fans, he is most excited by the prospect of the forthcoming publication of Angel's Command, the second of his Flying Dutchman stories about the young seagoing cabin boy Neb and his talking Labrador dog Den.
And it wasn't long before Barbara and Lassie got chatting to fellow dog walker, Alan Rodwell and his corgies, Triss and Nelson.
He installed a new chief executive, long-standing finance director Mr Bill Taylor, and also two new directors, Mr Triss Penner from EMI records, and Mr Kevin Wallace, to run, respectively, the records and theatre operations.
Matthew Milkovich 12772 Stark Rd Livonia, MI 48150-1524 Triss Corporation Holding Company Empl: 120 Ms.
I especially enjoyed Catherine Maiorisi's first published story, "Justice for All," of a young African-American detective, Cappy Jones, who draws the short straw in partnering up with a misogynistic male cop in an investigation into the death of a young Asian woman on a path adjacent to the Hudson River; Triss Stein's "The Greenmarket Violinist," included in which is a tribute to a place dear to this reader's heart: "a spot sacred to all true Brooklynites .