TRISTATrojan Intermediate Support Activity
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Aurelia and Adele were in the first division of the second class; the second division was headed by a pensionnaire named Juanna Trista. This girl was of mixed Belgian and Spanish origin; her Flemish mother was dead, her Catalonian father was a merchant residing in the Isles, where Juanna had been born and whence she was sent to Europe to be educated.
'Trista' meanwhile, is more expansive with a lot area of 137.5 sqm and a floor plan of about 86 sqm.
Both Macy and Trista have a modern contemporary design that is clean, simple and classical emphasizing a minimalist design approach.
The house and lot with adjacent lot option brings up the Macy model to a minimum of 250 sqm lot area size, while the Trista goes up to 276 sqm.
The Macy model home has a minimum floor area of 67 sqm, while the Trista model is larger with a floor area of 85 sqm.
With gut truths and gin-clear imagery, Trista Mateer reminds us of all those places left unexplored by language.
Bailey II, Joe Barbara, Michael Barra, Isaiah Tyrelle Boyd, Jonathan Brody, Ted Brunetti, Brittany Conigatti, Kaleigh Cronin, Trista Dollison, David Michael Garry, Aisha Jackson, Jess LeProtto, Carlos Lopez, Corey Mosello, Dominic Nolfi
I enjoyed Sophie's friend Trista, who is very good at standing up for herself and found Agford's S.M.I.L.E group amusing.
A highlight of the match was the number of competitors in the beginners' class - seven in all - ranging from schoolchildren to older men and one young woman, Flint's Trista Edwards-Hulme.
Bridesmaids were Meredith McCarthy Clark, Jennifer Elaine Joseph, Margaret Osso Lyons, Sarah Hadden Smythe, Allyson Leigh Van Blarcum, and Trista Lee Underwood.
The current group includes Trista Baldwin, Alan Berks, Jeannine Coulombe, Christina Ham, Carson Kreitzer, Dominic Orlando, Joe Waechter and Stanton Wood, and emeritus members include Cory Hinkle, Deborah Stein, and Victoria Stewart.