TRITCTetramethyl Rhodamine Iso-Thiocyanate
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FITC- or TRITC labeled phospho-specific antibody against Pyk2, FAK, c-Src or JNK were used to target the location of activated kinases.
After rinsing with PBS, the specimens were examined by fluorescene microscopy with the appropriate filters for TRITC (excitation: 510-550 nm; emission: 590 nm).
Dig-labeled DNA was detected with a mouse monoclonal anti-dig antibody (Sigma), rabbit anti-mouse IgG-conjugated tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate (TRITC; Sigma), and goat anti-rabbit IgG-conjugated TRITC (Sigma).
The system will be used daily by graduate (PhD) students, postdoctoral fellows and laboratory technicians to collect images of cells, biomaterials and biological tissues that have been labeled with up to 4 different fluorochromes (typically YFP, Alexa 488, Alexa 555, Alexa 594, Alexa 647, GFP, cy3, TRITC, Cy5, mKate, mTomato, mCherry, DAPI).