TRITSThe Ruby in the Smoke (Philip Pullman book)
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We can transfer information using d-level quantum systems (which correspond to the usage of trits, quarts, etc.) unlike the classical transmission systems, which use bits.
Vitamin & Mineral Products: Calcium, gluconates, aspartates, citrates, glycerophosphates, malates, mineral yeasts, trits, ascorbates
Daar is al gewag gemaak van die aansluiting van Fouche se roman by Dante se klassieke trits Die goddelike komedie, wat bestaan uit "Die hel", "Die louteringsberg" en "Die hemel".
Die kunstenaar word in die roman beskryf as 'n "driekoppige trits".
Mineral Product: Ascorbates, aspartates, chelates, citrates, gluconates, glycinates, multimineral trits, succinates, custom triturations, powders, granulates
The researchers call these data units "trits." The scheme calls for pairs of two-state photons.