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TRIZTheory of Inventive Problem Solving
TRIZTeoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch (Russian: Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
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Innovative product development process by integrating QFD and TRIZ, International Journal of Production Research 40(5): 1031-1050.
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Using TRIZ principles, we first defined and analyzed the problems as in Figure 9.
Desde esta perspectiva, es posible establecer que dicha solucion parcial puede obtenerse a traves de TRIZ clasico o alguna otra herramienta para la resolucion de problemas (Khomenko y Kucharavy, 2002).
In creative scheme generation stage, conceptual design methods include brainstorming method, morphological analysis method, checklist method, TRIZ method, creative template and other creative generation methods.
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As tecnicas de criatividade em geral nao envolvem grandes custos, mas ha excecoes, como se observa na tecnica TRIZ, cuja primeira utilizacao abrangeu o exame de milhares de patentes para depreender padroes de inovacao tecnologica e presumir leis de evolucao do sistema de tecnologia (Coates et al, 2001).
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To overcome this conflict, TRIZ tools, namely, function analysis, component modelling and contradiction matrix are applied.
For example, brainstorming (10) is aimed at facilitating the flow of ideas, Synectics (8) stimulates the formation of initial ideas, and TRIZ (1) is aimed at solving contradictions in developed design ideas.
The TRIZ process begins with identifying the problem and formulating it according to one of the system's general principles.
TRIZ belongs to QFD, which considers customer needs and can be an effective medium for TRIZ to achieve quality improvement standards.