TRJTextile Research Journal
TRJTherapeutic Recreation Journal (quarterly journal of the National Therapeutic Recreation Society)
TRJThe Russia Journal (1998-2005)
TRJTower Records Japan Inc. (est. 1981; Tower Records)
TRJThe Romance Journal
TRJToal, Reutter, Jackman Refrigeration (Oxnard, CA)
TRJTin River Junction (band)
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TRJ Contracts was honoured for "creating opportunities for residents and supporting [the] Routes to Work vision and values", with Stevie Ward collecting the company's prize from Routes to Work representative Julie Davidson.
The TRJ optimally positions solar panels to the sun's rays by continuously following solar exposure.
TRJ Management books more upbeat bands, and, although there are chairs, space is left for dancing.
Stable Points DetJ TrJ Local Stability A(0, 0) + - ESS 5(0, 1) - Uncertainty Saddle point C(1, 0) + + Unstable 0(1, 1) - Uncertainty Saddle point Table 3: Local stability analysis of the evolution system.
(16.) Venugopal B, Evans TRJ. Coexistent malignant melanoma and renal cell carcinoma.
Multiple sources of data were collected in the study including: multiple semi-structured teacher interviews (TI); researcher observational notes (RON); and teacher reflective journals (TRJ).
They reported a long-term efficacy of NT-3 gene therapy on TrJ nerve pathology comparing single-stranded and self-complementary vectors treatment duration doses and promoters.
[47.] Percy MJ, McFerran NV, Lappin TRJ. Disorders of oxidised haemoglobin.
The informant told the police that the witness saw the two men boarded a gray Mitsubishi L300 Van with plate number TRJ 926.
Honti (1982 : 193) equates the following Ob-Ugric adjectives: KhE (V Vj) woyel', (Trj) woy ev, KhS woxet, KhN (Ni) uxet, (Kaz) oxel, (O) oxel 'thin (of flat things) '(< PKh *wayal), MsW wayta, MsN wowta 'thin' (< PMs *wayta).
The ban covers the motor vehicles, principally intended for carrying cargo and having license plates of the following classifications: 'S', 'T', 'TC', 'TH', 'TRLB', 'HHB', and 'TRJ' to include other vehicles such as lorries, vans, tankers or other delivery vehicles, whether loaded or empty, having a gross capacity weight of more than 4,500 kilos."
th th trj It is sold over the counter and is rubbed into the joints twice daily to jo ease pain.