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TRKATyrosine Receptor Kinase A (biochemistry)
TRKATropomyosin-Receptor Kinase A
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One of the most important events in the PTC carcinogenesis is the deregulation of the Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway with rearrangements of RET/PTC, TRKA and mutation points in RAS and BRAF, where these nucleotide base changes contribute significantly to the PTC genotypes [30,79,83].
TrkA overexpression enhances growth and metastasis of breast cancer cells.
Many and varying types of mutations have been found in the TRKA gene.
NGF is released into the periphery, it specifically attaches to the TrkA receptors on nociceptive nerve endings and, through a retrograde axonal path, it reaches the dorsal root ganglion, where the gene expression in neuropeptides and molecular receptors is increased.
TrkA mediates the biological response of NGF, while BDNF and NT-4/5 are the preferred ligands for TrkB (Ohira1 and Hayashi, 2009).
TrkA and PKC-epsilon in thermal burn-induced mechanical hyperalgesia in the rat.
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Using rat tail PCR genotyping, western blot analysis, and ELISA, these samples were tested for ChAT, TrkA, ChT, P75, NGF, NT-3, IGF-1, and BDNF.
TrkA es el receptor de NGF; TrkB, el de BDNF y NT-4/5, y TrkC, es de NT-3, aunque esta neurotrofina puede unirse con menor afinidad a los otros receptores (19).