TRLFSTime-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy (aka Time-Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy)
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I have a letter from my brother-in-law, Sir Clifford Williams, of Clifford Hall.
Now trot along to your uncle, Sarah Mary Williams George Elexander Peters, and if you get into trouble you send word to Mrs.
I reckon they'll come after old Hoss Williams to-night.
We were now in the latitude of 30 degrees south; there were about fifty men in the ship; and here I met an old comrade of mine, one Peter Williams, who gave me a good character to the captain.
By this time Bell had moved his workshop from the cellar in Salem to 109 Court Street, Boston, where he had rented a room from Charles Williams, a manufacturer of electrical supplies.
The Governor hath his health, worshipful Sir," answered Roger Williams, now resuming his staff, and drawing near.
Johnson," said he, "Grandfather's chair came into the possession of Roger Williams.
Bright himself, he is now in his senior year at Williams College, and has a prospect of graduating with some degree of honorable distinction at the next Commencement.
Leaving twelve men here, with a stock of goods, to trade with the neighboring tribes, he prosecuted his journey to the Columbia; where he established another post, called Fort Williams, on Wappatoo Island, at the mouth of the Wallamut.
Titus Munson Coan to the latter's mother, written while a student at Williams College over thirty years ago, and fortunately preserved by her.
man young Williams is less of a high-tension fool than some.
Hawkins, alias Williams, 34, married, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia.