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When measured by NMR, which detects lipoprotein size but not protein composition, VLDL particles and chylomicrons are termed TRLPs (size range, 24-240 nm).
Plasma TGs are mostly contained in TG-rich lipoprotein particles (TRLPs) and chylomicrons (9).
For TG-rich TRLPs, 3 types of models were performed: (a) basic models that were adjusted with the first 10 genetic principal components (for controlling the small amount of sub-European population substructure); (b) fully adjusted models that were adjusted in addition to basic models by age, physical activity (quintiles), smoking (never, past, current), total energy intake, history of hypertension, family history of myocardial infarction, family history of diabetes, education, and income; and (c) by additionally adjusting with TG.
To study whether the interactions of adiposity (BMI, WC) and TG-wGRS provide additional information into biological processes of the lipid metabolism, we observed strongest adiposity (conferred through BMI and WC) and TG-wGRS interactions for very large TRLPs. The patterns of these interactions were observed for most TRLPs regardless of fasting status.
That these effects appeared stronger for very large TRLPs compared with small TRLPs may be related to the larger amount of TG carried by the very large particles.