TRMETechnical Review Middle East (Alain Charles publication)
TRMETheater Readiness Monitoring Equipment
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Gurcan argues that TRMEs are not ungoverned, "In fact they have been governed territories for centuries, but with governance models different than state-centric" (p.
[8.] Cabedo H, Macian F, Villarroya M, Escudero JC, Martinez-Vicente M, Knecht E, et al (1999) The Escherichia coli trmE (mnmE) gene, involved in tRNA modification, codes for an evolutionarily conserved GTPase with unusual biochemical properties.
[9.] Gong S, Ma Z, Foster JW (2004) The Era-like GTPase TrmE conditionally activates gadE and glutamate-dependent acid resistance in Escherichia coli.
TRME < ICO, PRT < IRC, PRT < TGR (Maya, 1995: 114; Cota y Moreno, 2000: 225-226).
der Trme 1.4/1.6 KKE 3120 -Stuck- und Putzarbeiten (auen) Trme 1.4/1.6.
market of insurance services - framework agreement for food construction all risks (trc) for transactions with rff owner these assurances are: construction all risks (trc) / all risk installation testing (trme) with optional liability client (rc-moa) lifted or not during each feed for sites that rff is owner,
(109) Ngoc Lan, To Be or Not to Be: There Will Be Many More Price-Fixing Agreements If the Authorities Do Not Tackle Them, SAIGON TrMES, Dec.
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